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There are three different modes in ohyay: Viewer Mode, Creator Mode, and Director Mode.

Viewer Mode

Viewer Mode is what your guests will see when they enter your space. To test out Viewer Mode, click on the play icon on the top right of your screen.

Creator Mode

If you have Admin Access to a space, click on the pen icon in the top right of your screen to get into Creator Mode. In Creator Mode, you can edit the backend of your space.

Director Mode

Director Mode is a hybrid between Creator and Viewer Modes, allowing you to access high-level controls. It's also helpful for testing out elements such as buttons and chat boxes.

To toggle Director Mode:

  • Click on the clapperboard icon at the top of your screen or hold down alt/option. The clapperboard icon should turn red.
  • Click on the camera projector icon again to come back into Creator Mode.

If someone has "Director-only" access, they'll help you direct the event but won't be able to edit your space.

To give someone "Director-only" access:

  1. Click on the pen icon next to "Director-only Admins."
  2. Add their email address.
  3. Click "Save."

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